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Questions or concerns about your Husqvarna product? Chances are, we've got the answer you're looking for. Explore our support resources and self-service options below, or feel free to contact us with your question.

Service station

Servicing dealers

Your local Husqvarna dealer is ready to assist you with products and services for your specific application needs, workplace, and working environment.

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Service Autotune

Husqvarna genuine service

With specialized service at your Authorized Husqvarna dealer, your tools will last longer and you'll enjoy a healthy resale value when the time comes to trade them in for new machines.

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Service Automower


We guarantee the function of our products. Defective parts are repaired or replaced by authorized Husqvarna workshops during the warranty period.

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Self-service center


A machine is only as good as the parts it's made of. Using only Husqvarna genuine spare parts guarantees optimal efficiency and prolongs the life of your Husqvarna machines.


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