Water leaking from a high-pressure washer

Before using your high-pressure washer, always check for damage. Do not use the product if parts are damaged or missing.

If your high-pressure washer is leaking, the causes and solutions may vary depending on where the leak is coming from.

To prevent cracks to your product, it needs to be stored in an adequate way.

How to prepare a high-pressure washer for storage

Leakage from the couplings

To avoid any leakage from the couplings or fittings, be sure to assemble them correctly and tightly.

Water leakage can occur from worn or cracked O-rings.

Replace the O-ring if broken.

O-ring replacement and lubrication guide for a high-pressure washer

To prolong the life of O-rings and prevent leakage from the couplings, it is important to lubricate them after every use and before storage.

Leakage from the gun/spray handle, spray lance or nozzle

Water can leak from the gun/spray handle. Check if there are any cracks in the plastic.

Make sure that the couplings and fitting are assembled correctly and tightly.

Leakage from the body of the high-pressure washer

If you are experiencing a leak from the body of your high-pressure washer, it could be that there is a crack inside the product.

Be sure to turn off the product as soon as possible and remove the plug.

NOTE: If you experience a leak from the body of a high-pressure washer or if the leak remains in other parts, contact your local authorised Husqvarna dealer.

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