Understanding the work area capacity and maximum cutting time of your Automower® robotic lawn mower

Work area capacity

The work area capacity of your robotic lawn mower indicates the area it can cover per hour and day when operating at full capacity. This assumes that the product’s schedule allows it to operate continuously, seven days a week, on a flat area.

To find out the work area capacity of your specific model, refer to the technical specification in the operator’s manual.

Maximum cutting time

The maximum cutting time per day is limited by the work area capacity of the product. This value is fixed and cannot be adjusted or extended by the user. Once the product has reached its maximum cutting time for the day, the message Today’s mowing complete will be displayed in the Automower® Connect app and on the mower’s display. The product will then park itself until the next day.

Operating time vs maximum cutting time

Operating time and maximum cutting time are two different concepts:

  • Maximum cutting time: This is a fixed value that cannot be adjusted by the user. It is determined by the work area capacity of the product.
  • Operating time: This can be set using a schedule, either through the product display or the Automower® Connect app. It controls the hours of the day during which the product is allowed to operate. The operating time includes cutting, searching, and charging. The allocation of time depends on various factors, such as the layout of the work area, the grass growth and the age of the battery.

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