Understanding Husqvarna Automower® spiral and spot cutting

Spiral cutting and spot cutting are two mowing features designed to quickly and systematically mow areas of the lawn with longer grass. The availability of these features varies with the model. Some models are equipped with both features, while others only offer spiral cutting.

Spiral cutting vs spot cutting

Spiral cutting is designed to activate automatically when the mower detects areas with long grass during operation. On the other hand, spot cutting requires manual placement in the desired area and manual activation. After completing spiral or spot cutting, the robotic lawn mower will resume regular lawn mowing.

Spiral cutting

When the spiral cutting feature is activated, the blade disc sensors detect when the mower enters an area with higher grass. The mower then automatically switches to a systematic spiral pattern, allowing it to cut the area with longer grass more quickly. Once finished, it will automatically continue to mow the lawn as usual.

Spiral cutting is available on Automower® models with a display, including models with Automower® Access solution (jog wheel).

Selectable levels

The sensitivity to changes in grass height can be adjusted through five levels of spiral cutting according to the lawn’s condition: Low-, Low, Mid, High, and High+. The intensity setting for spiral cutting determines how often spiral cutting is used. A high setting means that the spiral cutting mode is used more frequently, while a low setting means that it is used less often.

Operating conditions

  • Spiral cutting is only initiated in main area mode. The robotic lawn mower does not start spiral cutting in secondary area mode.
  • Spiral cutting will not start on slopes steeper than 15 %.
  • Spiral cutting is only applicable for work areas with an irregular mowing pattern.
  • If your Automower® robotic lawn mower regularly switches to spiral cutting mode, it is likely because the lawn is not being mowed frequently enough or for a long enough time, which leaves patches of high grass. To fix this, review the cutting schedule of your mower and update it, if necessary.

Setting up spiral cutting

In mowers with a display, follow these steps to set up spiral cutting:

  1. Access the mower’s menu on the display.
  2. Navigate through the menu using the arrow buttons and the OK button: Settings > Spiral cutting > Use spiral cutting.
  3. Choose the desired intensity.
  4. Press the BACK button to exit.

For mowers with a jog wheel, you can find the spiral cutting feature in the Automower® Connect app:

  1. Open the Automower® Connect app.
  2. Select your mower.
  3. Click on More > Settings > Operation > Enable Spiral cutting.
  4. Choose the desired intensity.

Spot cutting

Spot cutting is also a feature for lawn areas with high grass, but unlike spiral cutting, the mower needs to be placed manually in the area with high grass and the feature must be activated manually. The mower will automatically resume mowing in main area or secondary area operating mode when it has completed the spot cutting.

Spot cutting is available on Automower® robotic lawn mowers with a display as well as mowers with Automower® Access solution (jog wheel).

  • Place the mower in the desired area and select spot cutting mode.
  • The mower will mow in tight spirals and will automatically resume the mowing.
  • Works in both: main and secondary area.
  • This feature is especially useful in areas beneath furniture or other objects such as children’s trampolines.

Setting up spot cutting

Follow these steps to set up the spot cutting:

  1. Place the mower in the area with high grass that needs spot cutting.
  2. Press Start on the display and select the operating mode Spot cutting.
  3. Close the hatch.
For personalised assistance with your robotic lawn mower, please contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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