Mobile network operators and SIM cards for Automower® robotic lawn mowers

If your Automower® robotic lawn mower is connected to Automower® Connect and the Husqvarna Cloud using a mobile network, it has a SIM card installed. The SIM card is used to connect your mower to the mobile network and enables it to communicate with the Automower® Connect app, so that you can control your mower wherever you are.

What costs are related to using Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect is free and the SIM card provided by Husqvarna gives your mower free connectivity for 10 years.** You do not have to sign up for a separate contract with the mobile network operator and there are no running costs associated with using Automower® Connect.

Which mobile network operator does Automower® Connect use?

We use different mobile network operators and roaming partners in different countries to provide the best possible coverage on different markets.

Can I replace the SIM card in my mower with a card from another mobile network operator?

Your mower is equipped with a SIM card that provides coverage in most parts of the world. It is, however, possible to change to an operator of your own choice. Contact your dealer if you would like to change to another mobile network operator.

How much data does the Automower® Connect app use each month?

The Automower® Connect app uses about 25 MB data per month when it is in use, but the data consumption varies between mower models and usage.

Can I see the remaining balance on my mower’s prepaid SIM card?

All data traffic is included. It is not possible to see the remaining balance.

*Except Automower® 330X. To use Automower® Connect with an Automower® 330X robotic lawn mower you will need to install an Automower® Connect kit.
**Provided that Automower® Connect supports the mobile network technology in your market during the full period of time and that there is a supplier of mobile network technology in the area.

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