Garden Tractor29/04/2024

Garden tractor producing unsatisfactory cutting results

While using your Husqvarna garden tractor, you may notice that your lawn is cut unevenly.

Reasons for unsatisfactory cutting results

Blunt blades

Examine the blades for wear and damage. A damaged or blunt blade can result in uneven cutting results.

How to examine the blades on a garden tractor

Incorrectly installed blades

Make sure that the blades are correctly installed. If the blades are incorrectly installed, your garden tractor may become damaged.

How to replace the blades on a garden tractor

Long or wet grass

If the grass is tall, start cutting the grass with your garden tractor with a high cutting height and decrease it gradually. Adjust the speed of the garden tractor according to the grass type.

Do not cut wet grass. Wet grass can produce bad cutting results.

The cutting deck is not parallel

If the cutting deck on your garden tractor is not parallel, you may encounter uneven cutting results.

Adjusting the parallelism of a garden tractor cutting deck

Dirty cutting deck

Debris and grass on your garden tractor cutting deck can diminish the cutting power of the blades, resulting in uneven cutting results.

Clean the cutting deck of a garden tractor

Different air pressure in tyres

Make sure that the tyre pressure is correct in all four tyres. Tyre pressure varies from model to model. You can find the exact tyre pressure for your garden tractor in the operator’s manual for your product.

Worn or damaged cutting deck belt

Replace a cutting deck drive belt on a garden tractor

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