Empty battery – Automower® error message

The message Empty battery appears when the product’s remaining battery capacity is insufficient to locate the charging station.

Common causes of the Empty battery error:

  • Secondary Area mode: The product is in Secondary Area mode. Change the setting to Main Area mode.
  • Guide wire issues:A broken or improperly installed guide wire can prevent your robotic lawn mower from locating the charging station. Ensure that the guide wire is installed correctly and not damaged.
  • Incorrect charging station installation: If the charging station is not installed correctly, your mower may have difficulties docking. Ensure that the docking area is flat and provides enough free space in front and on the sides.
  • Inadequate settings: The settings to locate the charging station need to be adapted to the working area. For instance, check if the corridor width setting is appropriate for your lawn.
  • Battery lifespan: If the battery has reached the end of its lifetime, it will need to be replaced.

Our Product Assistant can help you find the solution for your specific case.

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For personalised assistance with your Automower® robotic lawn mower, please contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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