Garden Tractor29/04/2024

Cutting blades do not rotate on a garden tractor

While working with your Husqvarna garden tractor, you may notice that the cutting blades are not rotating.

There can be several reasons for the blades not engaging on your garden tractor.

CAUTION: For safety reasons, always wear protective gloves while performing this task. Blades are sharp and injuries can occur easily.

Sit on the garden tractor seat

The operator presence system prohibits the blades from rotating if the operator is not present.

Driving in tall grass

If the load is too high on the blades, they will not rotate. Do not use your garden tractor in tall grass.

Dirt and debris stuck in the cutting deck

Check that the blades can move freely. If the blades cannot move freely, remove any debris and obstructions around the blades and in the cutting deck.

Engage the reverse operation system (ROS) function

WARNING: Before and while operating the product backwards, look down and behind the product for the safety of others.

  1. Turn the ignition key counter-clockwise to the ROS position to engage the ROS.
  2. Slowly push the rearward pedal to start movement.
  3. Turn the ignition key clockwise to the engine ON (I) to disengage the ROS.

Correctly installed cutting deck drive belt

Cutting blades will stop rotating if the cutting deck drive belt is not installed correctly.

Check that the cutting deck drive belt is correctly installed on your garden tractor

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