Rent a garden tool any time you need it

Tools for You is a convenient way to quickly access pro-grade power tools for tough gardening tasks. Tools for You are Husqvarna products you can rent whenever you need them, any day of the week and any time of the day, at a local pick-up box.

Tools for You is a part of our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

By using the Tools for You app, garden owners can rent a wide range of handheld battery tools.

Battery Box Tools for You

Find it, use it, return it - it's that simple

You use the Tools for You app to find the tool you need, you pick up at a local Tools for You box – and when you’ve finished working, you return it to the box. The tools are serviced by a local Husqvarna service team. so upon returning it, you don’t have to recharge it or even clean it.

By freeing up space in your garden shed, saving you time spent on maintenance and more, Tools for You is the user-friendly and modern way to get your tough garden work done.

Battery box Tools for you

As easy as picking up a package

At the heart of Husqvarna Tools for You are the big tool boxes that hold the products. Each box contains a number of lockers where the products are stored and kept in shape by Husqvarna service technicians.

The boxes are found where it’s easy for you to pick up the tools. Locations include petrol stations, parking lots, outside of shopping malls and at Husqvarna dealers.

Battery Box Tools for You

All you need is the app

Start by downloading the Husqvarna Tools for You app. In the app you can see all tools and learn more about them. You can also see where your nearest Tools for You box is.

Once you have found the tool that suits your task, you can check its availability and where to pick it up. When you are at the Tools for You box, you use the app to open the locker and to lock it when returning the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily locate your nearest Tools for You box by using the search function or map in the Tools for You app on your phone.

The rental fee might differ between regions and markets. Check the Tools for You app for updated and correct prices in your area.

The only thing you need to make sure when returning your tool is that all the equipment (including battery and charger, etc.) are put back in the box along with the tool. Cleaning and recharging is performed by a Husqvarna serviceman so you don't have to think about that. 

Please contact the number displayed in the Tools for You App under the "Support" section.