Automower Aspire R4 with Family landscape

Husqvarna Lease Plus​

Beyond easy ownership.

Focus on what's important. By opting to lease one of our Aspire bundles, you get the advantages of Husqvarna performance without the upfront costs. Not only can you benefit from the performance of the Aspire™ range, but also get an all-inclusive service offering designed to allow you to spend your time how you want.

Extended warranty included
Yearly Maintenance*
Off-season storage*
Genuine Husqvarna blades*
Product insurance

*Available for Husqvarna Automower® Aspire™ R4

Husqvarna Aspire bundle chart

The perfect setup for your garden

Lease the Aspire™ products for hassle-free usage that goes beyond easy ownership. With the small, medium, and large bundles to choose from, you can select the one which is the best fit for you and your garden.

Aspire range on 3 rails HH+ AM

Husqvarna Warranty Plus

Extended protection for your worry-free use.

We guarantee the function of our products. Defective parts are repaired or replaced by an authorised Husqvarna workshops during the guaranteed warranty period.

You can extend this protection for an additional three years with Husqvarna Warranty Plus. This service can be bought up to 30 days after you originally purchase your Aspire™ product for heightened peace of mind. 

Automower Aspire R4 on lawn

Husqvarna Service Plus for Automower® Aspire™ R4 ​

Enter the world of convenience.

Husqvarna Service Plus is our all-inclusive service package for customers who demand convenience. This service offering is available for a contract period of three or five years. During this time, let us take care of yearly maintenance, repairs and off-season storage for a fixed monthly cost. With Husqvarna Service Plus you can enjoy the use of your Automower® Aspire™ R4 knowing its well taken care of.