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What is Automower® Spiral Cutting & What are the Benefits?

This past Summer has been a particularly wet one thanks to a La Nina weather event, and you’ve almost certainly noticed that because of the combination of plenty of rain and warm, humid weather, your lawns are growing unusually quickly. Those with conventional mowers are finding the need to mow their lawns at least weekly if not more, just to prevent it from becoming unmanageable. Of course, if you own an Automower® then your lawn is being regularly cut and is still looking the same as it always does. That being said, the increased rapidity of lawn growth in these La Nina conditions mean that for those with an Automower® that covers large areas, you might be finding that certain sections are still occasionally getting out of control.

Automower® is uniquely equipped to deal with sections of longer grass, thanks to its Spiral Cut feature. Spiral Cut is a feature that is designed to quickly mow a specific area of lawn that may be a bit longer than the rest. Essentially, in spots where your lawn is particularly high, your robotic mower will move outwards in a spiral from a specific point to cut the grass as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When is Spiral Cut Useful?

We’ve already touched on how Spiral Cut is useful in quick growth conditions, but it’s also a feature that you’ll most likely get use of straight out of the box on your Automower®’s first run around the yard, especially in yards that have not had a lot of TLC prior to installation of your robotic mower. Essentially, Spiral Cut is useful in any situation where the lawn is longer than usual, and your new Automower® needs to get it under control quickly.

How Does Spiral Cut Work?

In normal operating conditions, Automower® follows a random pattern around your lawn. Spiral Cut can be activated manually through the Automower® Connect App, or the robotic mower itself can trigger spiral cut mode if its electric blade motor detects higher resistance levels and there is increased current draw on the electric motor. When Spiral Cut mode is engaged, it will complete mowing that specific section of lawn prior to switching back into regular operating mode. You’re also able to adjust the sensitivity of Spiral Cut activation if need be.

Smart Features for a Healthier Lawn

Smart features like Spiral Cut are helping homeowners and greenspace businesses take back control of their lawns, saving both time and energy. With Husqvarna’s Automower® Connect Kit, owners can take advantage of advanced lawn care and security.

Setting up your Automower® with the Automower® Connect App can be done in a few simple steps, giving you access to a whole host of features such as, start, stop and park, real-time location and service data. As technology continues to advance, it will become easier than ever to connect your smart home to your smart garden.

Start your journey toward a healthier lawn today with the Automower® by visiting your local Husqvarna dealer or viewing the full range online and discover more.