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Upgrading Your Chainsaw | Must-have Chainsaw Accessories for 2023

There comes a time when every chainsaw is due for a little bit of an upgrade, be it a new chain, a longer bar or something to improve comfort and safety. Whether you are the proud owner of a 435 e-series II petrol chainsaw or a 535i XP® battery-powered chainsaw, a few additional accessories can help you maximise your chainsaw's potential.

To help uncover some of the best chainsaw accessories to add to your collection, we spoke with Julia Steele from She Trees and Sam Hardingham from Everyday Arbor for their input.

Chainsaw bar

Having a variety of bars to switch between can make all of the difference between an easy cut or an arduous experience. But how do you know what type of bar is right for your needs? As a guide a chainsaw bar should be a minimum of at least 2 inches longer than the thickness of the wood you are cutting. Different lengths also result in different uses and ranges of maneuverability. To assist you in selecting bars & chains compatible with your chainsaw, check out our handy Bars & Chains Guide. 

Shorter bar: Shorter bars make chainsaws easier to handle, especially when working at height. Sam from Everydayarbor says "I put a shorter bar on most of my saws - for example, I put a 12 inch on my 540i XP® battery saw as it gives me more maneuverability and balance, plus it's easier to use as a climbing saw." He goes on to add, "But even some of my bigger saws; for me dropping the length bar down by a couple of inches makes it more maneuverable and supplies you with a little more speed when cutting as well."

X-Tough Light + 572 XP

Longer bar: Longer bars allow you to cut through larger trees and wood, giving additional reach when needed. Longer bars are better suited for working on the ground where you have maximum stability. Husqvarna bars range from 10 inches all the way through to 32 inches in length. It's also important to remember that bars come in a variety of types too, ranging from solid bars, laminated bars with a nose wheel, X-Force and X-Tough bars.

Chainsaw chains

After the bar, the chainsaw chain is the next most important part of your saw. A strong, sharp and well-fitted chain will make your cutting tasks simple. Of course, no two chains are identical, so when looking to accessorise it's a great idea to go for one that offers some extra bite.

Choosing the best chain: From chisel, semi-chisel, micro-chisel and chamfer chisel, there's a chain out there for every need. One of the best additions you can make to your saw is to purchase a pre-stretched X-Cut® chainsaw chain. Designed to provide lasting sharpness, high durability and cutting efficiency, the X-Cut® is heat-treated for maximum hardness. Not quite sure which chain is for you? View the full range of X-Cut® chains here.

Chainsaw sharpening: One of the best ways to ensure you get as much out of your chainsaw is by making sure the chain is nice and sharp before every use, according to Julia. 'Sharpening your saw is key. The biggest thing I would say is that you are turning up to the job with a sharp saw" - it just makes the day so much easier. Over time, regular use can dull your chain, resulting in tearing through the wood rather than cutting. In turn, this causes drag which increases power consumption and heat generation. If you're not yet in the market for a new chain, a quality chainsaw filing kit will keep things nice and sharp.

Cutting equipment

Chainsaw parts

When it comes to your chainsaw, both Sam and Julia agree that proper maintenance and care are a must. "Something people don't always think about is that tools need to be properly maintained if you are to be using them daily" mentions Julia. Sam shares his daily maintenance as "Pull the side cover and take the bar and chain off, inspecting the bar for burs - check the sprockets and clean the side covers, then remove the top cover to clean the air filter and check the carburettor ." The Husqvarna Chainsaw Kit is the perfect companion for regular and correct maintenance.

Brake bands: Sam says, "Brake bands are one of the main things to look at when doing regular maintenance - check them to make sure they aren't worn out - it's always best if you catch it before the part is worn completely.

Filters: Depending on the type of saw you have, filters play a considerable part in keeping it running as efficiently as possible. Having spare fuel and air filters ready to go when needed will let you complete your daily cutting tasks without making an unnecessary trip halfway through a job.

Chainsaw carry case: Keeping your chainsaw protected during transit can save you time and money by preventing it from getting damaged. A great case should be durable, easy to locate and have ample space for your saw and any spare parts. Check out the full range of chainsaw bags and storage options.

Chainsaw PPE

As a fully qualified arborist and specialist in tree climbing, Julia emphasises the importance of having protective equipment. "Make sure to have quality equipment and always check it is in good working order." PPE makes it possible for you to take on challenging cutting tasks while protecting you from head to toe.

Waist up: At the very least, you'll want a decent arborist helmet, eye protection and hearing protection. Husqvarna Spire helmets are designed to be breathable, and lightweight while offering maximum protection. Visual protection should provide clear visibility while protecting the eyes from flying debris. Hearing & visual protection are vital, investing in something like the Garden Earmuffs with Perspex Visor  is a great choice for ensuring combined protection. Chainsaw safe, anti-cut gloves with saw protection are an essential for every PPE kit.

Waist down: Steady footing and protective footwear are a must for any chainsaw owner who values their toes. Working outdoors means you'll often encounter slippery, wet and uneven surfaces, and a slip could cause your saw to head toward your feet. If you really want to treat yourself, the Leather Protective Boots with Saw Protection will be an amazing investment that will keep your feet safe for many years to come. For muddy situations, the Protective Boots Functional 24 are a great option.

How to use a chainsaw Working with chainsaws, part 1

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Take your chainsaw to the next level with quality parts and chainsaw accessories designed to withstand the test of time. From chains to bars and carry cases to protective equipment, Husqvarna has everything you need to improve your chainsaw experience. With hundreds of products available to buy online or from your local dealer, stock up on these chainsaw essentials today.