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Spring Trimming Garden Hedges

The colder months will soon be behind us, and Spring is fast approaching. With the new season blossoming, gardens will be too and there’s no better time to head outdoors.

In fact, the Spring season is the best time to tend to hedges and shrubs, making your garden look alive, bright and healthy. With the Husqvarna 520iHT4 Battery Pole Hedge Trimmer, pruning and shaping healthy hedges is a breeze.

The time you choose to trim your hedges can have a profound affect on their look and growth. Spring is identified as the growing season and is almost always the most optimal time to trim hedges. By trimming the unwanted outgrowth from hedges during this time, promotes the plant to branch upwards and allows the hedge to continue to grow healthily. Meanwhile, trimming back your hedges too early in the colder months can hinder further growth due to the roots being exposed and potentially damaged as a result of low temperatures.

In order to begin trimming and shaping your hedges this Spring season, the right tools are always necessary. It is important to always consider the height, depth, volume and the area of the hedges that need to be trimmed in order to choose the best equipment to handle the job. In saying this, Husqvarna’s 520iHT4 Battery operated Pole Hedge Trimmer is a versatile partner for any homeowner, garden enthusiast or professional landscaper.

Trimming back tall and unruly hedges can always be a daunting task. The 520iHT4 cordless Hedge Trimmer offers an extended reach of 4.5 meters which allows for professional cutting and consistency, but it also makes it easier for the operator to trim tall and hard to reach areas of the plant without the need for a ladder.

Another important consideration to promote healthy hedges this Spring is the shape in which it is cut. Most people are unaware that in order to achieve healthy and prosperous growth for their hedges, it is actually important to keep the base of the plant wider at the bottom to allow for consistent sunlight. With the Husqvarna 520iHT4 Battery Hedge Trimmer this process is simplified as the blade’s angle can be easily adjusted, assisting the operator to safely and effectively trim their hedges.

Hedge Trimming with big machinery can also be quite loud and uncomfortable for both the operator and people around them. Regardless of the task at hand, Husqvarna’s Battery Pole Hedge Trimmer ensures extremely quiet operation making it acceptable to use in both residential areas, hotels, hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments. It also features comfortable handles and is lightweight to ensure ease of use regardless of the task. Users can also be assured that a professional result is maintained with a high cutting speed of 4000 cuts per minute and the Li-On battery ensures superior performance and long lasting power.

Getting back into the garden this Spring and taming your hedges will not only promote healthy growth but also brighten your garden. The Husqvarna 520iHT4 Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer is a durable and dependable partner that can achieve excellent results and ultimate versatility.