Reliable robotic mowing since 1995

Husqvarna is the pioneer of robotic turf care, and today we have more than 2.5 million of our robotic mowers in service around the globe.  Our journey over more than 30 years has taught us a lot, yet we have always been very confident in our own concept. Low-energy mowing with razor blades represents the future for the finest and most well-kept green areas.

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The silence of reduced carbon emissions.
The Commercial Automower® series is virtually silent and fully autonomous, meaning no need for fuel refill or electrical cords. So while your turf is cut to perfection without disturbance, your carbon footprint is minimised.
Automower 550H
Spend less, get more done.
Husqvarna Automower® is a proven concept for several decades, and the reliability together with the cutting result are our greatest strengths. You can be assured of your turf grounds being well taken care of while your workforce focuses on other, more valuable tasks.
Automower 550 football field
Working night and day. Rain or shine.
Automower® robotic mowers are available 24/7 and ready to cut whenever you want. Always following the predetermined schedule, easy to monitor via an app, and delivering extraordinary results in all sorts of weather conditions, all year round.

How it works

Everything you need to know about Automower®. And more.

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Cut quality

Give every lawn a carpet-like look

The three razor-sharp blades deliver a perfect, moss-free lawn by cutting the grass a little bit at a time. The clippings are tiny enough to be recycled into the lawn as a natural fertiliser. And because of the random cutting pattern and the mowers' low weight, it leaves no visible tracks.

Automower 550 EPOS
Weather timer

The faster it grows, the more it cuts

Automower® works just as well when it rains. The built-in weather timer ensures it mows more often when it has been raining, since the grass then grows faster than in dry weather. This provides a consistent result regardless of the season.

Terrain and slope performance

Handles slopes as steep as up to 70 %

Some lawns are more tricky than others. Fortunately, Automower® robotic mower handles them all. The all-wheel-drive Automower® 535 AWD handles slopes of up to an impressive 70 % (35°).

Safer mowing

Automower® goes where you can’t

The impressive slope performance of Automower® means that you no longer need to handle it manually or with handheld machines, making your workday safe.

Safety features

Designed to protect and be protected

Automower® robotic mower is packed with safety features:

  • Pivoting blades that quickly fold away if they hit an obstacle, positioned at a safe distance from the outer edge.
  • Lift, tilt and ultrasonic collision sensors, stopping it before any danger occurs.
  • The pro user interface protects from unauthorised tampering.  Should the mower get stolen, the alarm goes off, the mower is locked and rendered useless. The built-in GPS allows you to track its position.
Automatic passage handling

Passes through passages as tight as 60 cm

Automower® can pass through passages as narrow as 60 cm. This is especially useful when your robotic mower needs to reach inaccessible parts of the lawn or quickly navigate its way from and to the charging station. 

Boundary wires

Flexible and efficient lawn care

Defining the work area with boundary wires is an effective way of managing your lawn space. The boundary wires are installed at the edges of the lawn, and the guide wires lead your robotic mower back to the charging station. Installation can be handled by yourself or your Husqvarna dealer.

Control your fleet remotely

Keep track of your robotic equipment with Husqvarna Fleet Services™ – the efficient remote control and management tool. Easily accessible from your smartphone or computer.

  • Exact locations of all mowers
  • Daily performance data
  • Notification if any issues
  • Border control, stay-out zones and more

Husqvarna EPOS™ technology

Powered by endless possibilities

Say goodbye to boundary wires and line breakages with the Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. A groundbreaking feature that uses satellite-based technology for setting up virtual boundaries for your robotic mower. Works on any large turf area with an unimpeded sky view.