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How to mount a cutting deck on your Husqvarna ride-on front mower

Your Husqvarna ride-on front mower is a versatile machine that lets you change attachments depending on the task at hand. Mounting your cutting deck or attachment on the mower is easily done and only takes minutes. Warning! Wear protective glasses when fitting the cutting unit. The spring which tensions up the belt may break and cause serious injury.

Checklist when mounting a cutting deck
  1. Place the mower on a flat surface and apply the parking brake
  2. Check that the lever for setting the cutting heights is in the lowest position and that the lifting lever for the cutting unit is in the mowing position
  3. Push the equipment frame down and place the catch against the frame
  4. Engage the belt in the belt holder
  5. Push the deck in and put the front guide plugs in the grooves on the equipment frame, one on each side. Be careful to avoid trapping your hand.
  6. Push the unit in so that the interior plugs touch the bottom of the equipment frame’s grooves
  7. Fit the drive belt around the drive wheels of the cutting unit. Ensure the belt is placed on the correct side of the belt tensioner wheel.
  8. Hook up on the height adjustment strut
  9. Secure the collet spring
  10. Fit the front cover