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Choosing the Best Ride-on Mower for Professional Use

Narrowing down your options when choosing the best ride on mower for professional use can prove to be a little bit more complicated than it first appears to be. By understanding what to look for in a ride on mower for commercial or professional use, it will ensure that you get a machine that is fit for purpose. There are plenty of things to take into account before making up your mind. Below, we are going to take a closer look at the different types of ride on lawn mowers available and what use cases they are better suited to.

Zero-Turn vs Riders vs Front Mowers vs Garden Tractors

When it comes to choosing the best ride on mower for commercial use, there are four popular choices that professionals tend to favour. These are zero-turn mowers, riders, front mowers and garden tractors. Let’s look at the differences between them.

ZTR® Zero-Turn Mowers

ZTR® Zero-Turn Mowers are ideal for those with large areas to mow quickly. A hydraulic wheel drive allows a zero-turn mower to be able to effortlessly turn on its own axis, eliminating the risk of encountering uncut areas when manoeuvring around garden beds and other obstacles. Wide cutting decks can make quick work of large areas of grass while the low centre of gravity allows for better traction, cornering and a superior cut. Zero-turn mowers also provide maximum speed and power, making them ideal for tackling all types of terrain.

Z400 967984602


Husqvarna Riders provide maximum manoeuvrability and flexibility due to the tight turn radius that they offer. When combined with superior steering and front-mounted low profile cutting decks, being able to access tight corners and beneath fencing and benches will no longer be an issue. The ability to be able to select various attachments means that it be used for much more than simply cutting the grass, making a rider a versatile solution for professionals who offer a range of different lawn care services.

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Front Mowers

With low profile front-mounted cutting decks, front mowers are able to reach areas of the lawn that other mowers struggle to reach. For those who work in commercial landscaping, the AWD system and low centre of gravity help to provide maximum stability on uneven surfaces and slopes. Front mowers also offer a superior cut quality. With the cutting deck mounted up the front, users are assured of an even and precise cut without the need to worry about the mower’s front tyres leaving track marks in the grass before each blade is perfectly trimmed to height. Another benefit of a front mower is the ability to be able to switch out the accessories and cutting decks as required, making it a versatile mower that can be used throughout the year.

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Garden Tractors

Garden tractors offer a cost-effective, versatile and safe way to maintain various types of lawn, regardless of the terrain. The ability to be able to operate a garden tractor using foot pedals means that you have greater control over steering. This type of mower is perfectly suited for both small and large areas of land and the multitude of accessories combined with durability makes it perfect for all year-round general use.

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How to Choose the Best Size Mower?

Ride-on mowers are available in many different sizes, ranging from large zero-turn mowers to more compact front mowers. When choosing a ride-on mower for commercial use, size is definitely an important factor. There are many considerations to keep in mind, including the length, width, height and weight of the machine, to make sure you can transport it safely and securely. Overall manoeuvrability compared to relative size and speed also have a direct impact on the machine’s productivity when mowing different types of lawns.

Cutting decks range from 30 inches to 72 inches wide, so selecting the right size mower is imperative. Typically, a cutting deck of 50 inches or more will be suitable for large areas with few obstructions in the way. For areas that are smaller and have various obstacles to manoeuver around, a cutting deck measuring 40 inches is appropriate.

Other Features to Consider

Use on Uneven Ground - When using a ride-on mower on uneven ground, there are several factors that will improve the overall cutting performance. Aim to find a mower that provides a low centre of gravity, a wide stance, and superior traction. This is especially true when using your commercial ride on mower on hillsides and slopes as these design qualities can eliminate slipping and sliding on steep inclines.

How Much Horsepower? - The more horsepower a ride-on mower has, the faster and more efficient it will be. Typically, 31hp is able to provide speeds of up to 19km/h (depending on the transmission of the specific machine) and is ideal for providing maximum power when cutting on steep inclines and larger lawns. For medium-sized tasks, a ride-on mower with 24hp will deliver reliable and solid power for a multitude of terrains. 18hp is sufficient for taking care of small lawns and areas with few slopes or uneven ground.

Accessories - Those of us who work in commercial landscaping throughout the year may find a ride on mower with interchangeable accessories to be extremely beneficial, as a means of increasing the usability of your machine beyond just cutting lawns. Being able to use your ride on mower as a sprayer, spreader, aerator, sweeper, or flail mower can help eliminate the number of tools that you need to carry with you when on the job.