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Looking to buy a new lawn mower? Explore our range of self propelled and push lawn mowers. Husqvarna offers lawn mowers for both residential and commercial use.

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Which is the best lawn mower to buy?

Husqvarna offers a range of best in class lawn mowers to buy that are the ultimate choice for achieving a neat and healthy-looking lawn. Browse through our diverse range of models, capable of efficiently collecting grass, leaves, sticks, and stopping the spread of unwanted weeds. There are models with mulching options that provide efficient mowing and greener lawns by cutting grass twice and returning vital nutrients to the soil, discouraging weed and fungus growth, and improving soil moisture retention. Regardless of if you choose a push or self propelled walk behind model, you are guaranteed to experience a reliable, long-lasting performance.

Husqvarna lawn mowers are designed with ergonomic solutions, featuring user-friendly controls, adjustable, and foldable handles. With superior power sources and cutting decks, Husqvarna electric battery powered, cordless lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers, and propelled mowers offer a robust cutting experience. You can also choose from our commercial lawn mowers, which are specially designed for more robust and powerful machine use. Our ride on mowers are another excellent option for larger lawn areas. Additionally, over three million people trust Husqvarna robotic lawn mowers for hassle-free lawn care. They use advanced technology, like GPS navigation and built-in sensors, to cut efficiently while you relax.

Make the right choice for your lawn by going through our comprehensive lawn mower buying guide, which features a wide range of models to select from. Our lawn mowers come with height adjustment settings, cutting decks, and cutting heights suitable for your specific lawn needs. Our petrol lawn mowers are powered by Briggs Stratton, delivering powerful performance. And with foldable handles that are easily adjustable, you can achieve the perfect lawn-cutting experience.