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Introducing the Husqvarna Manual Sprayer Range

Take back control of your garden this season with the Husqvarna Manual Sprayer range. Three models available with a multitude of uses for home, commercial and professional situations throughout the year.
Available in three sizes 15L, 8L and 1.5L, there is a perfect fit for everyone. From homeowners and farmers to hotels, golf courses and nurseries, each of these multi-purpose sprayers has been designed with the user in mind. 

Each is able to be used with wettable powders and liquid-based solutions such as weed killer, plant food, bleach, and antifungal treatments. They are also ideal for the organic gardener, offering chemical-free pest control.

The optimal PSI ranges make them perfect for blasting unwanted  aphids, caterpillars and other garden pests away using the power of water alone. 
To help you understand more about the range, here’s an overview of what you can expect.

15 Litre Backpack Sprayer 

The Husqvarna 15L Backpack Sprayer has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort by following the natural curvature of the spine. Get ready to experience the deluxe comfort harness with lumber support for extended use applications.

Discover a leak-free, performance-focussed manual sprayer with a reach of up to 7 metres suited for all situations. The 15L Backpack Sprayer is the ideal solution for weed control, pest control, fertilising and maintaining large areas such as lawns, golf courses, parks, orchards and agricultural land.

● 25 inch stainless steel wand and 1.2 metre reinforced PVC hose
● Sealed pressure release valve for improved safety during use
● Multiple nozzles included for a variety of applications
● Wand stand and nozzle protection for easy and safe storage
● Horizontal spray distance - between @ 40 PSI (up to 7 metres)
● Perfect to use with wettable powders, and water based solutions
Husqvarna 15L Sprayer

8 Litre Sprayer

The Husqvarna 8L Sprayer offers a compact yet durable way to take care of weeds and garden pests, fertilising plants, and maintaining smaller to medium sized areas. The teardrop design tank creates a lower centre of gravity that provides maximum stability, while the easy comfort shutoff makes stopping and starting the unit a breeze. 

An integrated pressure release valve makes reducing pressure prior to opening the sprayer quick and easy. Included with the 8L sprayer is a selection of fan and adjustable nozzles perfect for creating a versatile spray experience. Discover an easier way to a healthier outdoor environment without the need of electric power cables or petrol.
● 25 inch stainless steel wand and 1.2 metre reinforced PVC hose
● Multiple nozzles included for a variety of applications
● Easy pump, seal and gasket replacement - no tools needed.
● Perfect to use with wettable powders, and water based solutions
Husqvarna 8L Sprayer
Husqvarna 1.5L Sprayer

1.5 Litre Sprayer

The Husqvarna 1.5L Sprayer offers superior pump efficiency and a multi-angle spray approach. A weighted dip tube helps you reach every last drop of liquid in the tank no matter what angle it is held at. Interchangeable nozzles make this manual sprayer ideal for a variety of situations, including misting, pest removal, feeding, and weed control.

The compact size of this sprayer makes it the perfect choice for the home gardener, hobbyist grower, and those with limited storage space. Quickly and easily take care of hanging baskets, flower beds and vegetable gardens in an environmentally friendly way. 

● Comfortable and durable handheld manual sprayer 
● Integrated pressure release valve for safe opening
● Multiple nozzles included for a variety of applications
● Interchangeable nozzles and multi-angle spray feature
● Perfect to use with wettable powders, and water based solutions

Contact your local Husqvarna dealer today to discover the Husqvarna manual sprayer range. 

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