Climbing Gear

Oval Carabiner


Product variant

Fits to model
T540i XP® without battery and charger
Carabiner - Oval
Art no: 596 93 62‑11
Oval Carabiner
Carabiner - Oval
Shape Oval
Art no: 596 93 62‑11
D' Carabiner
Carabiner - D-Shape
Shape D-shaped
Art no: 596 93 62‑12
HMS Carabiner
Carabiner - HMS/Pear Shape
Shape Pear shaped
Art no: 596 93 62‑13

Product Description

Oval Carabiner. Double locking twist lock gate prevents accidental opening. Key lock gate nose limits snagging of rope and clothing. Constructed from hot forged 707 aluminum - maximum strength and light weight. Symmetric weight for even loading. CE Certified per EN 362:2004/B.