How to create a virtual map for Automower® robotic lawn mower

Only applies to Automower® models that support AIM technology:

AIM Technology in your Automower® robotic lawn mower creates a virtual map of your lawn called My lawn using GPS and other built-in sensors. This enhanced virtual map enables you to see the guide wires and boundary wire and view the real-time location of your mower and charging station. If you have an Automower® model that supports Zone Control with AIM Technology, you can also tailor the cut of your lawn using stay-out zones and customised work areas.


How to create a virtual map

When you have completed the installation of your Automower® robotic lawn mower, simply create a schedule and start operation. The mower will now start mowing your lawn according to the schedule and collecting data for the virtual map while it operates. Meanwhile, a notification that the map is being created will be shown in the map view.

For the best possible results:

  • Set the schedule to allow the mower to run as much as possible during the mapping process.
  • Temporarily remove obstacles from the lawn when the mower operates during the mapping period, such as outdoor furniture and toys.
  • If you have deactivated GPS assisted navigation, it is recommended to activate this again. This can be done in the Automower® Connect app (select More > Settings > Installation > Lawn Coverage) or in the mower display (Installation > Lawn Coverage).

How to know if the virtual map is ready

The map is ready in approximately 1–2 weeks. The exact time depends on the mowing schedule and the size of your lawn. When the new map is finished, you will be notified in bottom navigation on the dashboard in the Automower® Connect app.

How to use the virtual map

When the virtual map is ready, you can see the guide wires and boundary wire in your installation, as well as the real-time location of your mower and the charging station in the map view.

Tap the settings icon Automower Connect settings icon to toggle Movement path, GeoFence radius and Satellite view on or off.

Zone Control with AIM Technology

If your mower supports zone control, you can now start to create work areas to have a part of your lawn cut according to a separate schedule or with a different cutting height, or create stay-out zones to prevent your mower from entering specific parts of your lawn. If you would prefer, you can also let your mower operate at its regular schedule, without any changes.

Please note that the schedule and the settings for My lawn apply to your entire lawn. When the mower operates according to the My lawn schedule, your mower will also mow inside any work areas you have created. However, it will never enter any active stay-out zones.

AIM technology and secondary areas

The virtual map (My lawn) created by AIM technology will not show any secondary areas and cannot be used to create work areas or stay-out zones in a secondary area. You still need to manually move the mower to secondary areas.

When your lawn is being mapped, you can move your mower to the secondary area as necessary without interfering with the mapping process.

How to update the virtual map

If you make changes to your lawn or your Automower® installation or if the map is incomplete for some reason or does not match your lawn, you can create a new virtual map. If the virtual map created by AIM Technology is incomplete, your Automower® robotic lawn mower will still follow the boundary and cut the entire lawn when operating according to the My Lawn schedule. However, you cannot create work areas or stay-out zones on areas that are not included in the virtual map.

How to update the virtual map created by AIM Technology

What happens to the virtual map if I do a factory reset?

The virtual map (My lawn) will be deleted if you do a factory reset of the robotic lawn mower. Any created work areas or stay-out zones will also be deleted.

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