How to update the virtual map created by AIM Technology

Only applies to Automower® models that support AIM technology:

If you make changes to your lawn layout or your boundary wire installation after the virtual map has been created by AIM Technology in your Automower® robotic lawn mower, you can create a new virtual map that replaces the old map. This will make the robotic lawn mower start a new data collection phase and create a map that reflects the changes that you have made to your garden. It is not possible to edit the existing virtual map manually.

To create a new virtual map, you need to actively trigger it in the Automower® Connect app. The mower does not automatically register that you have made changes to your lawn.

How to create a new virtual map

  1. Select Map > My Lawn > Create new map in the Automower® Connect app.
  2. Tap Create new map to verify that you want to start creating the new map.

The robotic lawn mower will now start creating the new virtual map as soon as it is scheduled to operate. It will default to the mowing schedule under My Lawn, so please adjust this accordingly. If My Lawn does not have a schedule, you need to create one.

During the data collection phase, your robotic lawn mower will mow the entire area within your boundary wire installation. All work areas and stay-out zones will be disabled in order to let the robotic lawn mower cover every part of your installation.

Creating a new map can take up to 15 days, depending on your scheduled mowing time. When the new map is finished you will see the map and any previously created work areas and stay-out zones in the map view in the Automower® Connect app. Please check and edit the work areas and stay-out zones to make sure that they fit the new map.

For the best possible results:

  • Set the schedule to allow the mower to run as much as possible during the mapping process.
  • Temporarily remove obstacles from the lawn when the mower operates during the mapping period, such as outdoor furniture and toys.
  • If you have deactivated GPS assisted navigation, it is recommended to activate this again. This can be done in the Automower® Connect app (select More > Settings > Installation > Lawn Coverage) or in the mower display (Installation > Lawn Coverage).

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