Tractor TS 348XD(ClearCut)
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3 things to consider when buying a garden tractor in 2023

Looking for the best option when buying a new garden tractor? Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one.

The right size for the job

In general, if your garden is larger and more open it’s more important that your garden tractor has a generous cutting width. However, if there are lots of obstructions, like trees and bushes, it’s better to choose a garden tractor that is small enough to go through the tightest passages. We offer tractors with cutting widths from 95cm up to 122cm in the Husqvarna garden tractor range.

Collector or side ejection?

A Husqvarna Garden Tractor helps you achieve first-class results using the cutting method best suited to your lawn. Choose a model with an integrated collector when you want to collect clippings and achieve tidy results. For quick and effective cutting, choose a side-ejecting tractor. Switch to mulching function when your lawn needs fertilising. The grass will be cut into small pieces that quickly decompose and return to the lawn as fertiliser.

Attachments for efficient use

Choose between a wide range of attachments so that you can use your garden tractor efficiently, all year round. For instance, you can use your garden tractor as a leaf collector, a moss rake, a scarifier and spreader for lawn preparation. There is also a trailer attachment to make your work in the garden easier. See our full range of garden tractor attachments.

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A few facts to help you choose the best garden tractor

  1. A garden tractor with an integrated collector has the most effective system for collection.
  2. When mowing high and coarse grass, the most effective type of cutting deck is the side ejector.
  3. By using different types of accessories our tractors can be adapted for collection, mulching and ejection, to suit your type of lawn and mowing habits.
  4. Most side ejection tractors can be equipped with the 2 or 3-bin collector accessory.
  5. All side ejection tractors can be equipped with accessories for mulching.
  6. Since the tractors with integrated collectors don’t have a deflector that sticks out on the side of the cutting deck, they can work in tighter spaces than the side ejecting models.