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Things to consider when buying a lawn mower

Looking to buy a lawn mower? The first things to consider are the size of the lawn and the way you want to cut it. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy one.

Remember that every 1,000 square meters of lawn you mow means a walk of two to three kilometres. This means that self-propelled lawn mowers become attractive options. The type of lawn and how often you mow it determines the choice of cutting system. Rear and side ejection can handle taller, wilder grass, coarser grass types and seldom-cut lawns.

Mulching naturally fertilises your lawn

The BioClip® (mulching) method is ideal if you want first-rate results and if you often mow. The finely chopped grass cuttings fertilise the lawn and make it more drought-resistant.

Choosing a lawn mower with collection boxes

Lawn mowers with collection boxes give tidy results and save time since you don't need to rake clippings after you've finished cutting. In the autumn you can use collection boxes for leaves and they’re also perfect if you want to avoid allergic reactions to grass and reduce the spreading of weed seeds.

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Picking the best lawn mower for your needs

  1. Decide the width of the cutting deck based on your lawn’s area
  2. If your lawn area is medium-sized to large it is recommended that you buy a self-propelled lawn mower
  3. If your lawn is medium-sized and you prefer some extra exercise while mowing, you might consider a push lawn mower
  4. If your lawn is small, you might consider a manual lawn mower that is free from direct emissions and saves making noise for your neighbours
  5. If you aren’t certain which cutting system suits your lawn and your mowing habits best, you should choose a lawn mower that handles several cutting systems: ejection, collection and BioClip® (mulching)