What is FOTA and how do I use it?

Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) is a feature that enables you to update the firmware of your Automower® robotic lawn mower yourself. The firmware is downloaded to your mower using data connectivity options such as Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Requirements for using FOTA

To use FOTA, you need:

  • An Automower® model that supports FOTA.
  • The option Check for new firmware updates must be enabled in the Automower® Connect app (found under More > My mowers > Mower details). This function is enabled by default.

Checking your firmware version

If your model can be updated using FOTA, you can see the current firmware version in the Automower® Connect app under More > My mowers > Mower Details > Software version.

Downloading new firmware

The firmware package is automatically downloaded to the robotic lawn mower. Once the firmware has been downloaded, you can start the installation in the Automower® Connect app.

Firmware download facts

  • The mower checks for new firmware once a week.
  • When the mower has detected that new firmware is available, it will start downloading it.
  • For Automower® models that communicate with the Husqvarna Cloud only using Wi-Fi, the charging station must be located in an area with Wi-Fi coverage. If the charging station is placed in an area with a weak or no Wi-Fi signal, the robotic lawn mower will not be able to download any updates.
  • For mowers supporting mobile connection, firmware package downloads are included in the mobile subscription for the mower.
  • During the download, the mower will stay parked in the charging station until it is finished.
  • If a scheduled start is planned during the download, you will see a message in the Automower® Connect app stating that the mower is downloading firmware. When the download is complete, the mower will start mowing according to the schedule.
  • It can take 1–4 hours for the mower to download the firmware.

Installing new firmware

When a new firmware package has been downloaded to the mower, a notification appears in the Automower® Connect app, where you can choose to install the new firmware.

Tap Install to start the installation or Discard to make the notification disappear for now. You can find the installation option again under More > My mowers > Mower Details.

Step-by-step installation instructions

1. In the firmware notification, tap Install, or tap More > My mowers on the menu and select Mower Details.

2. Tap Install firmware update.

3. The mower must be sufficiently charged for the installation to start. Tap Park mower to put your mower in the charging station.

4. Tap Install firmware update to start the update.

5. The firmware update is now complete. Tap Done to finish the installation.

Note: The mower will be disconnected from the Automower® Connect app when the installation starts. It will reconnect automatically when the update is complete.

Monitoring installation status

You can follow the installation progress in the Automower® Connect app.

What should I do if installation fails?

If the installation fails, restart the mower. Reconnect using Bluetooth and verify which firmware version is installed in the Automower® Connect app under More > My mowers > Mower Details > Software version. If the new version is installed, everything is fine. If not, restart the installation.

Release notes for models that support FOTA

Additional information

For personalised assistance with your Automower® robotic lawn mower, don‘t hesitate to contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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