What is a work area and how do I create one?

Only applies to Automower® models that support AIM technology:

With AIM technology, a work area is part of your lawn that can be scheduled separately and assigned its own cutting height.

The schedule and cutting height set for the work area only applies to this area and only when the mower is operating according to the work area schedule.

How to create a work area using AIM technology

  1. In the Automower® Connect app, select Map.
  2. Tap the plus (+) to create a new map object.
  3. Select Add work area.
  4. Move the waypoints to cover the desired area on your map. You can reposition any point by tapping on it again.
  5. Rename the area.
  6. Set the schedule and cutting height.

For the best possible results:

  • Make sure that the work area contains as many reference points as possible, such as trees, islands and long boundary/guide wire sections. This will help the mower navigate to and from the work area.
  • Based on the accuracy of AIM technology we recommend setting the border of the work area outside of your lawn (at least 1.5 m/5 ft) to ensure that the mower cuts the grass all the way up to the boundary wire. The mower will never go beyond the boundary wire.

Example of a good work area, including long boundary/guide wire sections, islands and with the work area border outside of the boundary wire:

Good to know

  • If there is an active stay-out zone within the work area, the mower will not enter that zone.
  • If you want the mower to run only according to the work area settings, remove the schedule from My lawn.
  • If you create two adjacent work areas, make them overlap to ensure that the area at the work area border will be cut.
  • If two work areas cover the same part of your lawn, the mower will cut the overlapping area for both work areas.
  • If the schedules of two work areas overlap, the mower will prioritise the area that was not cut as recently.
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