Akumuliatorinės ir elektrinės vejapjovės

HUSQVARNA LC 137i su akumuliatoriumi ir įkrovikliu

Eigos sistema
Darbinio ploto pajėgumas
500 m²
HUSQVARNA LC 137i su akumuliatoriumi ir įkrovikliu - 970 50 09‑02
BioClip® komplektas
Galima įsigyti kaip priedą
BioClip® kaištis
Not included
Baterijos modelio pavadinimas
BLi20, 36V / 4,0Ah
Akumuliatorių skaičius komplekte
Baterijos įkroviklio modelio pavadinimas
QC 80, 80W /220V

Gaminio aprašas

LC 137i is an intuitive and easy to use battery lawn mower, perfect for cutting small sized lawns or for trimming complex areas. This small and lightweight mower allows you to mow your garden quickly and quietly in a single charge. Due to its compact deck and ergonomic handle it’s easy to manoeuvre and steer even around small places. The easily folded and adjustable handlebar and two integrated lifting handles make the mower easy to store or transport, leaving a small footprint when folded. Compatible with Husqvarna 36V battery system.