Upgrade your everyday with Husqvarna

Our Battery Solutions allows you to use the same battery for an entire range of tools, while maintaining a consistently powerful performance throughout. Making garden work smarter, our intelligent Automower® cuts your dream lawn for you, using built-in weather adjustments and calendar coordination to always keep one step ahead. We are upgrading everyday.

PW 360 Cleaning MTB

Pressure Washers – water power with precision and efficiency

Our pressure washers offer all the quality and intuitive operation you expect from Husqvarna. Get a fresher look to your vehicles, garden furniture, walls, stone settings or patio - your Husqvarna pressure washer is prepared to take on just about any space outside where dirt and dust has gathered.

Add a complete range of accessories, and you will always have full control over your work. If you know us, we would never have it any other way - and we are pretty sure that goes for you too.

Hedgetrimmer man

Hedge Trimmers – maximise your working time

Our hedge trimmers are ideal for jobs around the garden - regardless if your hedge is a small eye catching detail or a tall and lush masterpiece. And you will be able to work a long shift when needed A Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer will always provide you with strong performance and long lasting power in a trouble-free way.