Discover our range of light agriculture products

From chainsaws and brushcutters for maintenance around the farm to tillers for soil preparation, sprayers for crop care and utility products such as water pumps and generators. All designed with Husqvarna’s focus on durability and performance. We are your partner in the field.


Get a green revolution with a Husqvarna Tiller

Whether you need to break up a lawn or prepare a garden patch for sowing, Husqvarna has a tiller for you. Our range comprises two different models - rear-tine and front-tine. The rear-tine models are designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns. The front-tine tillers are suitable for smaller landscaping work, such as preparing flowerbeds and garden patches.

Close up of the W50P Water pump

Water Pumps – grow, maintain and revegetate

With a high spec pump house, and an engine built to operate in tough conditions, Husqvarna's new Water Pumps offer a reliable mechanised tool, designed for various draining and irrigation purposes. The pumps facilitate the use of water from lakes, rivers and streams, and also enable efficient clearing of flooded areas and buildings. The user-friendly lifting handle makes the pumps easy to transport between different working areas.

Sprayer 321S15

Sprayers – an invaluable tool for the agricultural sector

One of the most common forms of pesticide application in conventional agriculture is the use of mechanical sprayers, which is where the Husqvarna 325S25 Sprayer has started to build a reputation for being an invaluable tool. Consistent with all Husqvarna products, durability, ergonomics and engineering take a lead role in the manufacture of products for the farming sector and the 325S25 is no exception.