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Quantifying urban green space – from space is supporting the greening of global cities by providing objective and recurring quantification of vital green KPI’s for urban areas for hundreds of cities in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Green spaces are the lungs of cities. Improving air quality and helping to manage flooding and rainwater. Contributing to the physical and mental health of citizens. As urbanization continues, it’s vital to monitor the proportion between grey and green areas in and around cities.

This initiative was started by Husqvarna in 2019 and has grown to become an international authority in green space data on urban areas.

Through cities are able to:

  • Get an instant baseline of urban green to set a relevant greening ambition.
  • Track effects of city greening plans.
  • Assess tree canopy cover and finding plantable spots.
  • Find areas with low vitality of vegetation.
  • Detect city wide changes affecting vegetation. 

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