5 reasons to get battery equipment for your crew

Thinking about battery? Here are five of the most commonly cited reasons that landscapers like you are adding battery equipment to their commercial landscaping trailers.


As a professional landscaper, you know your job is more than meets the eye. Others may not understand or appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining a property to perfection— but you do. You earned your skills through years of dedication in the most challenging conditions. From sunburn and poison ivy to rainstorms and blizzards, you’ve tackled every challenge that came your way.

To put it mildly, landscaping is about a lot more than owning a bunch of equipment.

Yet that’s also why the quality of the equipment you own is so crucial. After all, you have enough to think about, day in and day out, without worrying about whether or not your blower will start up or if your string trimmer has enough power to finish a particular job.

At Husqvarna, we’re passionate about commercial battery products and their ability to make your work easier and more profitable. Read ahead to see the five reasons we believe battery-powered tools should have a place in your landscaping trailer.

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1. You’ll save time on startups

How many times has a piece of equipment failed to work when you needed it? Have you ever found yourself becoming frustrated as you repeatedly yanked the starter cord on a leaf blower that refused to start?

Even the industry’s finest gas-powered equipment can succumb to starter troubles, whether due to fuel quality, air filter cleanliness, or something else entirely.

Husqvarna’s battery equipment eliminates such headaches, ensuring seamless startups whenever and wherever you need to get going. Simply insert the battery into the unit, press the start button, and you’ll be ready to get the job done.

525iP5S Battery Pole Pruning Saw

2. You’ll save on the cost of fuel

As you know, fuel and oil aren’t cheap. But did you know today’s “non-fueled” equipment costs about the same as gasoline products?

The long-term savings offered by professional battery equipment is tremendous. With high-performance battery products in your landscaping trailer, you’ll require fewer stops at the gas station— and you’ll spend a lot less money when you do have to visit the pumps.


3. You’ll reduce your maintenance costs

As an exercise, add up your total annual expenditure on things like:

  • Air filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Fuel lines and bulbs
  • Spark plugs
  • Carburetors
  • Starter cords
  • Service visits to your local small-engine repair shop

Now reduce that cost by 100%, because that’s how much you’ll save when you upgrade your professional fleet to Husqvarna battery equipment. You can make all those tedious maintenance sessions – or unexpected bills from your local shop – a thing of the past. Simply charge your Husqvarna lithium-ion batteries and you’ll be ready to roll out.

Battery range 500-series 536LiPT5, 536LiBX poster only

4. You’ll raise your profile as a ”green” company

Across the country, more and more communities are searching for ways to reduce pollution. Local ordinances are appearing in many areas that effectively regulate the amount of fumes produced by small engines.

Battery products produce zero direct emissions, ensuring compliance with any future regulations. Plus, as a crew with ”green” power equipment alternatives to offer your customers, you’ll attract more attention in your community. After all, someone has to corner the eco-conscious market— why shouldn’t that someone be you?

520iHT4 - Long reach

5. You’ll be able to work in noise-sensitive environments

Have you ever been hard at work on a customer’s property, only to have a nosey neighbor complain about the time of day?

Would you like to win more contracts with noise-sensitive commercial properties such as schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, or retirement communities?

If you answered ”yes” to either question, consider the benefits of investing in near-silent battery equipment. The far quieter operation of battery tools – the neighbors may not even know you’re working – will improve the environment around you, while being less damaging to your ears while you put in those long hours.


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