Battery trimmer 115iL

Powerful, easy to use - and for all needs

Husqvarna battery series consists of a wide range of products for every task in the garden. They all have intuitive key pads, which make them easy to handle at all times. When using our battery machines, you’ll appreciate not only the extremely low vibration levels, the absence of direct emissions and the minimal need for maintenance, but also the relief of working with almost silent motors. The noise level is up to 13 dB (A) lower than that of petrol-powered machines.

Battery Bli20

Husqvarna battery solution

The high-performing and intelligently engineered Husqvarna 36-volt battery system enables a wide range of tools optimised with the task and user in focus. Our durable batteries are not only quick to recharge, but the flexible system allows you to seamlessly switch from tool-to-tool, always delivering the perfect power you need to get the job done.

Husqvarna Connect

Digital solutions that put you in control

Let your next gardening tool be Husqvarna Connect. This mobile app combined with our connected battery products, gives you immediate access to everything you need to do things smarter. From digital manuals and guides to runtime statistics, charging status, real-life notifications and much more.

136LiHD45 / 115iHD45
CONVENIENT - 100i/200i-products
For occasional or casual use, easier tasks in residential gardens. For fast and easy jobs, for maximum convenience, we recommend using Husqvarna Convenient battery products. These user-friendly products are adapted to simple handling while never compromising on effect or performance.
Battery combitrimmer 325iLK
ADVANCED - 300i-products
For frequent use in larger gardens or areas. For advanced tasks, the mowing of bigger gardens or pruning rough branches, we recommend Husqvarna Advanced battery products. Equipped with technical solutions and benefits aimed at simplifying your work, every time.
Backpack battery with 536LiHD60X hedgetrimmer
PROFESSIONAL - 500i-products
Power and performance for full-time, heavy-duty, professional use. The most sophisticated battery products of the Husqvarna battery range have been developed with long, demanding workdays in mind. The products are durable and robust to withstand heavy, professional usage, and provide power output that matches – and even exceeds – their petrol equivalents.