Pole saw 525P4S with Technical helmet

Working hard to stay on top

We want you to feel comfortable when working with our telescopic chainsaws and pole saws. That’s why we’re not just hung up on engine power and acceleration speeds when we develop our saws. We focus just as much on the functions that make the saws easy to use during intense garden maintenance and tree care. This is to ensure you get a tool that doesn’t restrict your work, but lets you deal with the task at hand in all conceivable situations — smoothly, effectively and with increased productivity.

Flexible power and performance

Impressive power and precision. Easy starts and stops and excellent manoeuvrability. Without exhaust and low vibration levels. Husqvarna’s range of professional battery powered pole saws are a shortcut to emission-free efficiency and convenience. The versatile flexibility and power make easy work of anything from pruning to difficult drop cuts, while the easy starts and stops at the press of a button add unparalleled, user-friendly convenience.


Low vibrations keep you healthy

Thanks to effective vibration damping (Low Vib), you can work comfortably and efficiently without getting vibration white finger. By separating the tank and handles from the engine and cutting equipment with carefully tuned anti vibration elements, we’ve managed to keep the vibrations in the handles at extremely low levels.


Pole saws designed for smarter work

Be confident in your work, no matter what situation you’re facing. A lightweight pole saw from Husqvarna is easy to manoeuvre and provides powerful assistance with its rapid acceleration. A telescopic long-reach chainsaw for tree trimming will help you achieve the result you’re striving for — without the need for a ladder or sky lift.

525P4S with Helmet Technical

Tested under extreme conditions

All our pole saws undergo intensive testing, both in laboratories and in the field. They are exposed to hundreds of hours of extreme running under pressure, both in the heat and the cold, so that you can rest assured your Husqvarna extendable chainsaw is reliable regardless of the work ahead.