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Introducing electric cordless chainsaws from Husqvarna

Whether you're a professional out on the job or a homeowner fixing firewood, Husqvarna battery chainsaws are designed to make the cut. Powerful and easy to handle, our battery-powered chainsaws feature long-lasting brushless motors, high chain speeds and excellent ergonomics – all of which makes them a superior alternative to a traditional petrol model.

Battery Chainsaw T536 LiXP

A powerful battery that fits all Husqvarna machines

Choosing battery power should never be a compromise. Our battery-powered chainsaws come with a lithium-ion battery, specially designed for demanding use. This makes them just as powerful as their petrol equivalents. The battery is also compatible with all handheld Husqvarna machines, which means you can also use it to power your grass trimmer, leaf blower or hedge trimmer. There's also the added advantage of no maintenance, so you save time and money.

Battery chainsaw 340i

Easy, ergonomic, and efficient

Husqvarna electric chainsaws are not only powerful, they also produce fewer vibrations and zero direct emissions. So, they are kinder to your arms as well as the environment. They start quickly and conveniently with the push of a button and feature savE ™ mode, which optimizes and prolongs battery run time. Another advantage is how quiet our battery chainsaws are to operate. A battery chainsaw allows you to work in noise-sensitive environments without having to worry about disrupting those around you.

Battery Chainsaw T540i XP 120i

Embrace freedom with a cordless chainsaw

A cordless chainsaw is ideal for working where a power cable can't reach, e.g. the far end of a garden. Cordless electric chainsaws give you the freedom to get the job done anytime, anywhere - even indoors.