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How to change to a grass blade on your battery brushcutter

Having the right tools for the job when gardening is of course essential for getting a good result. Changing from a trimmer line to a grass blade on your Husqvarna brushcutter is easy; just watch the video and follow these simple steps. A bench is always useful to work on, and it prevents you from dropping screws in the grass.

Step-by-step guide when changing to a grass blade
  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Fold the handle bar and turn the brushcutter, so that it rests on the handles.
  3. Remove the trimmer cover and the cord holder.
  4. Use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the blue cord feeder by pressing it straight out.
  5. Use the socket spanner to remove the locking nut while holding the support cup.
  6. Remove the support cup.
  7. Place the drive disc in its place.
  8. Place the grass blade on top of the drive disc.
  9. Place the support cup over the blade.
  10. Place the support flange in the cup.
  11. Put the lock nut in place. Put the hex wrench in the small hole on the top of the bruschcutter gearhead. Turn the blade until the hex wrench locks in place. Then use the socket spanner to tighten the lock nut.