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4 things to consider when buying a chainsaw in 2023

Modern chainsaws are adapted to suit specific working conditions and users. Before buying a chainsaw, ask yourself a few questions about how you will use it. The answers will help you choose the right size and the right type of chainsaw.

What type of user am I?

How experienced am I in using a chainsaw? How often will I use the chainsaw – each day, about once a month, or a few times a year? Professional use or home use?

What kind of cutting will I be doing?

What tasks will I use the chainsaw for? What size are the trees that I will most often be felling? Hard or soft wood? Do I need a small or large saw? In what seasons will I be using the chainsaw?

Which size chainsaw do I need?

A small chainsaw is more maneuverable than a large one. If the chainsaw is too heavy, your hands and arms will tire, which in the long run represents a safety risk.

Choosing the Right Chainsaw Size for Felling Large Trees and Hardwood

Choose a larger chainsaw with more power if you want to fell larger trees, especially hardwood. If the model is too small, this will subject the chainsaw to great strain and unnecessary wear.

Which bar length do I need?

The appropriate length of the bar is determined by tree size and, to some extent, by the user's expertise level. If you know that you will deal with logs/trees that vary in dimension, it's recommended that you buy at least two different sizes of bars/chains to make the job easier, both for yourself and your saw. All chainsaws can be fitted with at least two different lengths of cutting equipment.

Checklist when buying a chainsaw:

  1. Balance
    Make sure that the chainsaw has a good balance and lies well in your hand. It should be easy to shift grip without getting out of balance, and it will help you greatly when operating it.
  2. Safety
    Always use the right protective equipment when you’re working with the chainsaw.
  3. Maintenance
    Make sure to keep your chainsaw maintained for a longer lifetime. Basic maintenance you can do yourself. But its a good idea to let your local dealer check the chainsaw on a regular basis for optimized performance. Find your nearest dealer here.

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Different types of chainsaws

Chainsaws can be broadly divided into the following groups:

  1. Chainsaws for part-time use
    Robust all-round chainsaws designed for ease of use with a good performance.
  2. Chainsaws for occasional use
    Designed for occasional homeowner work. Easy to startand use with sufficient power. See all battery chainsaws.
  3. Chainsaws for professional use
    Professional chainsaws are designed specifically for high productivity in demanding working environments. See all professional chainsaws. They offer solid performance with high cutting capacity and maneuverability. In addition, these chainsaws often include professional features such as heated handles that help make long shifts in tough conditions safer and more comfortable.
  4. Chainsaws for Tree-care and Pruning
    Professional chainsaws for tree care work and pruning with good performance and reliability. Only to be used if you have sufficient training. See all professional chainsaws.

Take a chainsaw course for safety’s sake!

There are several companies and organizations that offer courses in chainsaw use and safety. Find out what rules apply in your country.