Husqvarna Combi 112X - ARCM5112Xv1


Innovative cutting deck; mulching & rear discharge combined in one deck

High-performance 112 cm (44") Combi deck. An innovative technical solution from Husqvarna results in a combination deck with the cutting methods mulching and rear discharge included in one and same deck. Heavy-duty deck design consist of 1-piece stamped steel plate. The electric cutting height adjustment can be easily operated from the driver’s seat.
Requires that the front mower has been equipped with 'Power outlet kit, Front'.

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Cutting Deck 112X

Gam. nr. 970 72 70‑01

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Cutting Deck 112X
Gam. nr. 970 72 70‑01
Mentės3 vnt.
Peilio tipasMulch/Discharge
Pjovimo agregato medžiagaPlienas
Pjovimo agregato tipasKombinuota
Pjovimo aukščio reguliavimasLever on cutting deck
Pjovimo aukštis, min-max min25 mm
Pjovimo aukštis, min-max max80 mm
Pjovimo metodaiMulčiavimas/ Galinis išmetimas
Pjovimo plotis112 cm
Dekos storis2,8 mm
Vairavimo mechanizmasBelt
Tepamas velenasNėra
Gruntuotas pjovimo korpusasTaip
Svoris60 kg

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