Xplorer Outdoor trousers men

These comfortable and durable men’s trousers for outdoor activity are sewn with 4-way stretch fabric on knees and rear. Features include reinforced fabric in exposed areas and pre-bent knees to add even more comfort and mobility. The waist is adjustable to your fit with a hook and loop strap and the length of the legs can be adjusted with buttons. Your mobile phone is protected by a padded pocket while you find your way through the rugged terrain. Colour: Charcoal grey/Forest green.
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S 46/48

Κωδικός είδους: 597 41 85‑46

Στοιχεία προϊόντος
S 46/48
Κωδικός είδους: 597 41 85‑46
Μέγεθος μπουφάν/παντελονιού [Νούμερο]46/48
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