Husqvarna 500 Series Trimmer Innovations

Commercial Trimmer Reviews from Pro Landscapers

I use this trimmer daily under commercial conditions. I run it 8-10 hours a day and the trimmer takes everything I throw at it, whether it be thick grass or small 1/4" diameter brush/poison oak... ...Over 200 hours on it and not one issue. Thanks Husqvarna for making my life easy.

JackOfAllTrades on Husqvarna 525L

Had one since last year and just bought a second one, really love this weedeater, great power in a ergonomically great package, I use it for everything from light trimming to fence row weed removal, great power as well, I was a die hard Stihl customer but I'm all for husqvarna trimmers now.

cwf1 on Husqvarna 326LS


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