522HS75S single sided

Powerful, lightweight and innovative long reach hedge trimmers

As a hardworking landscape professional, you need a hedge trimmer that keeps pace during your work day and throughout the busy season. That's why Husqvarna professional hedge trimmers are designed to be powerful, reliable and easy to start. Plus, trimming hedges is hard work, so we've made each of our trimmers lightweight and well-balanced.

522HDR60X, 522HDR75X, 522HD60X, 522HSR75X, 522HS75X, 522HDR75S, 522HDR60S, 522HD60S, 522HS75S

Precision cutting knives for stunning results

Husqvarna designs the cutting knives on our hedge trimmers to maximize your productivity. A solid beam – providing excellent rigidity and durability – supports the two extremely sharp blades. Thanks to the high knife speed and large tooth openings, you'll be empowered to cut thick branches with high efficiency.

Hedgetrimmer 325HE4

Designed for the long haul

Husqvarna hedge trimmers are built to deliver years of problem-free operation. Gear housings and covers are made of high-grade, lightweight aluminum and magnesium. Connecting rods with needle bearings and sealed, permanently greased bearings make maintenance both easy and less frequent. Plus, specially developed seals prevent dust and dirt from getting into gears.

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