Why is oil dripping from my petrol-powered chainsaw?

There are several cases in which oil may leak from your chainsaw.

The oil may be leaking from the bar and chain or oil tank, or it can accumulate under the chainsaw — usually after using it or when the product is stored. In some cases, this is normal; in other cases, there is something wrong.

Oil leakage after using the chainsaw

After using the chainsaw, a puddle of oil may appear underneath it when it is set aside. This can be normal run off or an actual leak.

If the oil comes from the bar groove, the chain or from underneath the clutch cover after you have used the chainsaw, it is normally just run off. This is normal and can produce a rather large oil puddle. It is not considered leakage.

If the oil does not come from the bar groove or the chain, the chainsaw should be taken to the local authorised dealer for evaluation and repair.

Oil leakage when storing the chainsaw

When the chainsaw is stored during the off season, the temperature of the air can fluctuate. When the temperature goes up and down, the pressure also fluctuates, and this will cause the oil to leak.

The best way to prevent the oil leakage is to empty the oil tank before storing the unit. Do this by draining all fuel and bar oil out of the chainsaw. Start the chainsaw and allow to idle (chain brake disengaged) until all of the fuel has run out and the chainsaw stops working. This will prevent the oil from leaking during off-season.

Black and dirty oil dripping from the chainsaw

If after using your petrol-powered chainsaw you notice a puddle of dirty, black oil underneath it, this is an indication that the fuel and oil mixture is stale or mixed incorrectly, or the air filter and/or spark arrestor are dirty or damaged.

dirty oil leaking from the chainsaw

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