Why is my petrol-powered chainsaw smoking excessively?

Smoke from the exhaust outlet

While using your chainsaw,you may notice light grey smoke from the exhaust outlet (muffler).

Reasons for this could be:

  • An incorrect fuel mixture, usually when there is too much oil in the mixture; make sure that you always use the correct fuel mixture for your chainsaw.
  • Using an old or stale fuel and oil mixture; always use a fresh fuel and oil mixture; we recommend using the Husqvarna fuel and oil for your chainsaw.
    How to properly mix two-stroke oil and petrol for a chainsaw
  • Dirty and restricted air filter; make sure the air filter on your chainsaw is clean and not restricted.
    How to clean the air filter on a chainsaw

If the issue persists after using the correct, clean fuel and oil, and the air filter is cleaned, please contact the authorised dealer.

Smoke from the bar and chain

There may be instances where your chainsaw is smoking from the bar and chain. This could be a result of a dull chain or using wrong type of chainsaw oil.
Why do the bar and chain smoke and cut poorly while using the chainsaw?

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