How to enable notifications from Automower® Connect

If your Automower® robotic lawn mower is connected to Automower® Connect using a mobile network or a Wi-Fi network, you can get a notification to your phone when an error occurs.

If you have several mowers added to your Automower® Connect account, you get notifications for all mowers, not just the one used as Current mower.

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Enabling notifications

To receive notifications, you have to allow the Automower® Connect app to send notifications.

Notifications can be enabled in your phone settings. Follow these instructions:

iPhone | Android

Notify your neighbour

Are you going away for the weekend (or maybe longer) and want someone to look after your mower if something happens? With the Smart Connection Notify your neighbour when your mower needs attention, you can easily and automatically notify your friends when something unexpected happens and your mower has an error message.

Learn how to notify your neighbour

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