Viewing the message history of your Automower® robotic lawn mower

If an error has occurred and your Automower® robotic lawn mower has stopped, e.g. if it is trapped or the battery is low, a message will be saved relating to the disruption and the time it happened.

The last 50 error and information messages for your Automower® robotic lawn mower are saved and can be accessed from the mower display or the Automower® Connect app.

Please note that some messages are not critical and therefore do not trigger notifications to your phone, so there may be more messages in the message log than those for which you have received notifications.

Viewing the message log on the mower display

On the mower display, navigate to Messages > Fault messages and Messages > Info messages to access the message log of your mower.

Viewing the message log in Automower® Connect

In Automower® Connect, the message log is displayed under Messages. ​​​​​Note, that for many Automower® models you need to connect to your mower using Bluetooth to access the message log in the Automower® Connect app.

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