EPOS™ Support by Wire: Installation and tips for Automower® NERA

EPOS™ Support by Wire is a feature designed to enhance the performance of your Automower® NERA robotic lawn mower equipped with EPOS™ technology. By installing a loop wire around areas with weak satellite coverage, you can significantly reduce the risk of operational interruptions, for example in areas with narrow passages or near dense clusters of trees.

Compatible Automower® models

EPOS™ Support by Wire is available for Automower® NERA robotic lawn mowers equipped with EPOS™ technology. If you own a 320 NERA, 430X NERA or 450X NERA from 2023 with an EPOS™ Plug-in kit, you need to download the latest firmware update, which includes EPOS™ Support by Wire as a new feature.

Step-by-step guide: Using EPOS™ Support by Wire on your Automower® NERA

Install the boundary wire

Follow this detailed guide to install the boundary wire: How to lay the boundary wire in an Automower® installation.

Position the boundary wire

The loop wire should be placed at least 2 metres/7 feet outside the problem area. This will ensure that your robotic lawn mower reconnects with the satellite and establishes an accurate position.

Enable the EPOS™ Support by Wire function

Once the boundary wire is installed, you can enable the EPOS™ Support by Wire function. To do this, open the Automower® Connect app and navigate to Settings > Accessories > EPOS™ Support by Wire > Enable.

Extend the boundary wire if needed

If the product continues to stop in a part of the work area or if the product cannot leave the area with the EPOS™ Support by Wire, you may need to extend the wire further into the work area with a good satellite signal.

EPOS™ Support by Wire and virtual boundaries

EPOS™ Support by Wire only works within the boundaries of a virtual installation. The wire can be placed in a part of a work area or in an area where you have installed a transport path, but it cannot be used to extend the work area (Image 1) or to create a separate work area outside of the virtual boundaries (Image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

What happens if there is a wire break?

If the boundary wire breaks, the mower will continue to work as if EPOS™ Support by Wire were disabled. A warning message will appear in the Automower® Connect app, and the charging station light will flash blue.

How to repair a wire break

To repair a wire break, follow our guide: How to repair a wire break in an Automower® installation.

Can several areas of the lawn be connected with EPOS™ Support by Wire?

If there are several areas in your lawn where the satellite signal is suboptimal, several support areas can be created in one loop. The maximum loop length is 800 metres/2,625 feet.

EPOS™ Support by Wire and the charging station

The charging station docking point must be placed in an area with an unimpeded sky view. Do not place the charging station and docking point in an area with weak satellite coverage, since EPOS™ Support by Wire will not compensate for the poor satellite signal.

Transport path support

If your robotic lawn mower has issues when following a transport path in an area with weak satellite coverage, EPOS™ Support by Wire can give support to the transport path.

EPOS™ Support by Wire and stay-out zones

EPOS™ stay-out zones are used to prevent the mower from entering sections of the lawn where it is not allowed to mow. Even when there is weak satellite signal, the robotic lawn mower will respect these virtual boundaries. However, please note that the accuracy of these boundaries may be compromised in areas with weak satellite signal.

To improve precision, you have the option to create a boundary wire island around the area you wish to protect. This measure will support the EPOS™ stay-out zone when the satellite signal is weak, ensuring boundary accuracy.

However, it is important to remember that a boundary wire island alone will not prevent the mower from entering the area. An EPOS™ stay-out zone is always required for this purpose.

EPOS™ Support by Wire and mowing patterns

Systematic mowing

When systematic mowing is selected, if the robotic lawn mower loses the satellite signal in an area of the lawn with EPOS™ Support by Wire, it will stop at the boundary wire. It will continue mowing once the satellite signal is recovered.

Irregular mowing

When irregular mowing is selected, the robotic lawn mower will continue to mow within the area defined by the boundary wire, even if the satellite signal is lost.

Please contact your local Husqvarna dealer if you need further assistance with the installation of your Automower® robotic lawn mower.

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