How to create an island in an Automower® installation

If there are areas in your lawn where you never want your mower to enter, such as flower beds or rockeries, we recommend you create "islands" with the boundary wire.

In the example below, there are islands around a flower bed and a tree.

Create an island

Lay the wire from the border to the obstacle and around it. The direction is very important, do not cross the wire. If you are coming from the right, start on the right side of the obstacle.

When you close the loop, lay the wires close together on the way back. Then the signal is cancelled; the mower does not register a signal and can pass over the two wires. If you cross the wires, the mower will not recognise this as an island. It cannot pass and will stop.

As Automower® robotic lawn mowers are designed to handle gentle bumps, obstacles like trees do not always need to be fenced off by the boundary wire. However, make sure that the tree does not have any visible roots, as they can damage the cutting blades.

Making an island

Temporary zone control

If you need to temporarily fence off a certain area from being mowed by your robotic lawn mower, Husqvarna offers multiple solutions* for zone control in your garden, for example when the spring flowers are blooming, the kids' inflatable summer pool is out, or you have a spot with freshly sown grass.

  • AIM Technology | If you have an Automower® model that supports AIM Technology, you can create a virtual stay-out zone to prevent the mower from mowing in that area.
  • Automower® FlexiFence | Automower® FlexiFence is a battery-powered boundary wire that creates a temporary stay-out zone without the need to connect it to the main boundary wire.
  • Automower® Area Switch | Automower® Area Switch is used to shortcut the boundary wire, effectively creating zones that can easily be switched on or off.
  • Automower® Temporary Fence | Reliable and robust steel arches, quickly and easily installed and moved, without adjusting schedules or boundaries.
    Temporary fence

*Availability may vary by market.

Virtual installations

The information above applies to Automower® installations using a boundary wire. To learn more about wire-free Automower® installations using EPOS™ technology, see Virtual installation.

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