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Everything you need to know about Husqvarna chainsaws. Click on the images below for the video to play.
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How to start a top handle chainsaw

If you follow this procedure shown in this short video, you will find the engine very easy to start on your Husqvarna top handle chainsaw, even when the engine is cold. First make sure that the chain break is engaged. This prevents the chain from turning and protects your hands while starting. Next prime the carburettor, by pressing the priming bulb 5 times, followed by activating the choke. Pull the starter cord until the engine ignites. Deactivate the choke when the chainsaw engine has stopped and pull the starter cord again until the engine starts. Disengage the chain break and rev the engine to obtain normal rpm. Your top handle chainsaw is now ready to use.


How to avoid getting the cutting bar stuck when pruning a tree with a pole saw

The last thing you want to happen is to get the cutting bar stuck in a branch when pruning a tree using a pole saw. To avoid this you should follow the technique illustrated in this short video. First you should make a small cut a short distance from the trunk from the underside of the branch. With this method you will avoid getting the bar stuck when you cut thicker branches. Next make a cut from above slightly closer to the trunk. Lastly cut the stump close to the trunk

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How to check that the chain lubrication works on your chainsaw

Chain lubrication is important when using a chainsaw to prevent your chain from overheating when cutting and to ensure it moves around the bar friction free. Proper lubrication will ensure you get the maximum life out of the bar and chain. This is how you check that the lubrication system works. Follow the instructions on this short video that demonstrates how to check the chain lubrication system is working correctly. First check your oil level. Start your chainsaw and ensure that the chain brake is off. Rev the engine a few centimetres from the trunk of a tree. Oil on the trunk indicates that the lubrication system works.

T540XP, T540 XP

How to maintain a chainsaw guide bar

For your chainsaw to work efficiently you must maintain and clean the guide bar. First remove the bar from the chainsaw and clean the bar rail and the grease hole removing any dirt that may be trapped. Look along the guide bar for any burrs and file them away. Look for any wear behind the nose wheel. If one side is worn you can turn the bar so that the other side wears evenly. If both sides are worn then the chainsaw bar should be replaced. Fit the bar and chain back onto the chainsaw and wiggle the chain to check for movement. If the chain wriggles then you should replace the bar or risk the chain falling off during use.

Working with chainsaws part 1

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain

A sharp chain makes cutting faster and is important for safety. This film describes how to sharpen a chainsaw chain.

How to - Chainsaws

An air filter in a chainsaw prevents dust and particles from entering the chainsaw engine. However you need to regularly change and replace the air filter depending on the wood you plan on cutting and when they get clogged with sawdust. A clogged air filter prevents sufficient air reaching your chainsaw engine harming cutting performance, which is why it is essential to maintain your air filter. Watch this short video to find the quick and easy way to change and maintain the air filter on a Husqvarna chainsaw.


How to tension a chainsaw chain

When using a chainsaw the chain heats up and expands and slackens. A slack chain is likely to fall off the chainsaw bar when in use, putting the user at risk of injury. It is therefore important that the chain is correctly tensioned. Watch this short video to see how to tension a chainsaw chain correctly.

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How to start a chainsaw

Starting a Husqvarna chainsaw is easy. First engage the chain break and prime the carburettor by pressing the priming bulb 5-6 times. Activate the choke and press the decompression value if your chainsaw is equipped with one. Pull the starter cord until the engine ignites. Deactivate the choke and pull the starter cord until the chainsaw engine starts. Rev the chainsaw to obtain normal RPM.

flip-up tank cap

Flip-up tank cap

The flip up cap on a Husqvarna chainsaw makes it easy to add more fuel when out in the forest – even when wearing gloves. Press the cap and turn with your hand or use a screwdriver if needed.