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Introducing The New Husqvarna “SPIRE™ Vent” Arborist Helmet

When it comes to the arborist and tree care industry, keeping yourself properly protected is vitally important. Our all-new Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet was purposefully designed to deliver the ultimate in comfort, safety and style, resulting in our most advanced tree care helmet to date.

Design Features of the Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet

One of the first features you’ll notice is the improved, streamlined air vents that allow heat to escape while boosting airflow. These vents help to improve your overall comfort when working in warm climates and challenging conditions, while the improved air space minimises sweat and oils building up.

Another feature is the use of quick-dry fabric padding on the inside of the helmet. Enjoy cushion-like comfort throughout the day without the unpleasant feeling of saturated padding. Instead of absorbing moisture, the high-tech fabric dries very quickly, while improved airflow helps transport it back into the air and away from your head. The padding is easy to remove and clean, ensuring there is no bad odour and bacteria built-up over time.

The addition of an eco-leather 4-point chinstrap minimises chafing and skin irritation around the neck and jawline for a more comfortable experience. Eco-leather is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning the risk of experiencing allergic-skin reactions often experienced with chemically treated man-made fabrics is minimised.

When looking at safety, we’ve taken more than potential impacts into account. Visibility is key to staying safe when working in the bush, forests and farmland, which is why you’ll find strategically placed high-vis reflective stickers that provide 360 visibility. To summarise, the Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet features:

  • High-Vis reflective detailing for improved visibility.
  • Quick-dry fabric padding on the interior of the helmet.
  • Eco-leather, hypoallergenic 4-point chinstrap for improved comfort.
  • Streamlined and optimised vents and maximised interior air space.
  • Easy-to-remove and easy to wash interior padding.
  • Sleek and stylish overall design for a professional look and feel.
  • Quick-release visor for fast and easy on-the-job visor changes.
  • Removable harness front loop and helmet attachment loop.
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Accessorise Your Helmet, Your Way

We know that no two days are the same and the situations you face can vary dramatically. To help you get the most out of every day, we’ve created a range of visors, especially for the Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet.

  • Spire™ Vent Clear Visor - best for cloudy/low-light conditions.
  • Spire™ Vent Smoke Visor - best for partial cloud/moderately sunny days.
  • Spire™ Vent Silver Mirror Visor - best for full-sunlight/bright conditions.

No matter what the weather is doing or the task at hand, select the most appropriate visor for your needs, click it into position and get to work quickly and safely. Finished with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments, the in-built rubber seal prevents liquid from dripping into your eyes while the panoramic design gives you improved visuals. We’ve also worked on creating smooth and rounded edges to prevent cuts and scrapes to the users face and hands.

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Additional Arborist Accessories

Along with the Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet, there is a range of arborist essentials for tree care professionals. Consisting of everything you need to get the job done practically and safely as possible. This assortment of arborist essentials has been created by tree care professionals.

As the perfect companion to the Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet, you’ll find:

  • Arborist wedge
  • Carabiners
  • Rope Bag
  • Throw Line Cube
  • Throw Line with high strength and low stretch
  • Throw weights in 4 different weights 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14oz.

Check out the link here to view our Arborist Essentials. From line setting gear and climbing gear to arborist tools and PPE, find exactly what you need to get the job done safely - while looking like a total pro!

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Ready To Start Your Journey?

From head to toe, Husqvarna has been leading the way with innovating PPE designed for arborists and tree care professionals. Working closely with industry-leading professionals with insider knowledge, we are redesigning the concepts of safety, style and comfort for products that work as hard as you do - without the irritation and discomfort found with poorly designed equipment.

The Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet highlights our passion and commitment to designing products that are made with user comfort and safety in mind. Enjoy safer working conditions that improve output and productivity, helping you reach new heights within your profession.

Start your journey to a more comfortable way to work by visiting your local Husqvarna dealer and picking up your very own Spire™ Vent Arborist Helmet, today.

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