Find out why companies switch to Husqvarna

When companies try Husqvarna, they find good reasons to buy Husqvarna. They find a wide range of easy to use products, designed and built to increase their team’s productivity. They also discover business insights through Fleet Services that help increase profitability. And they get the chance to partner with Husqvarna and our network of local dealers who offer the knowledge and services that are the keys to optimal performance. They find the solutions they need to make business better.

ISS Facility Services, UK
ISS Facility Services, in the Lake District of northern England, say they have stuck with Husqvarna for years because our products and services enable their staff to deliver on a daily basis.
Gesvres Entretien, France
Landscaping company Gesvres Entretien maintains parks and sports grounds in Carquefou, France, and have enjoyed a successful relationship with Husqvarna for nearly two years. See what their teams have to say about the effect Husqvarna products and services have had on their day-to-day work, and overall business.

Husqvarna Battery Series

The results are in. Here’s what professionals think of Husqvarna’s Battery Series.

Footprint Gardens, Sydney, Australia
For Scott Dooley at Footprint Gardens, using battery-powered tools is a given. And the benefits are easy to explain. ”Using battery gear can definitely open up other doorways, if you want to start earlier or work late, or if you work around people’s homes. Some of our customers don’t even know we’ve been here. We can blow or use the lawnmowers while the kids are asleep”.
City of Weissenfels, Germany
When switching to a battery-powered fleet, the German city of Weissenfels invited tenders, and carefully assessed the different options. Every product that was offered was tested by the city’s landscapers, and in the end the choice was clear. Find out why Husqvarna’s products made the cut.
Trollhättan cemetary, Sweden
With 45 acres of Trollhättan cemetery in active use, the administration decided in 2013 to begin using battery tools. Initially, the expectations of the grounds staff were low. But after being put to the test, the cemetery’s collection of Husqvarna battery products are now the most popular machines in the fleet.
Skokloster castle, Sweden
When we’re talking restoring and repairing old buildings, a battery saw is a must to be able to work efficiently,’ says Mattias Hallgren, castle carpenter. Assigned to restore the Skokloster Castle’s roof, Hallgren and his team know that battery-tools win with more than just efficiency on this unique restoration project; offering fume free, precision sawing in tricky indoor spaces.

Husqvarna professional ride-on front mowers

Husqvarna's professional ride-on front mowers are equipped with a front-mounted and low profile cutting deck. It will provide you with an excellent overview of the working area, enabling precise, close-up trimming. It also gives you unbeatable accessibility under fences, bushes, park benches etc.

Gesvres Entretien, France
See what the landscapers at Gesvres Entretien, in Carquefou, France, have to say about the benefits of Husqvarna professional ride-on front mowers