Husqvarna Automower® Area Switch


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Whether you’re a landowner or homeowner, your mowing needs change throughout the season. Automower® Area Switch is an accessory that is used to shortcut the boundary wire, effectively creating zones that can easily be switched on or off. Extend or limit your lawn, create islands, or protect areas that are sensitive to the seasons, giving you flexibility and control – all season long.

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Automower® Area Switch

Gam. nr. 529 45 97‑01

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Automower® Area Switch
Gam. nr. 529 45 97‑01
Spalvos kodasPilka
Svoris0,3 kg
Gaminio ilgis21,03 cm
Gaminio plotis10,1 cm
Gaminio aukštis8,13 cm
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