Gloves, Functional Light Comfort


Product variant

Fits to model
TC 112
TC 114
R 112iC
TC 130
R 115C
TC 138
R 216
TC 138L
R 214T
TC 138M
R 213C
TC 139T
R 214TC Comfort edition
TC 142
R 214C
TC 142T
R 215TX
R 214TC
R 214T AWD
TC 238
R 216 AWD
TC 238T
TC 238TX
R 216T AWD
TC 239T
R 316T
TC 242
R 316T AWD
TC 242T
R 316Ts AWD
R 418Ts AWD
TC 242TX
R 422Ts AWD
TC 338
R 418TsX AWD
TC 342
R 420TsX AWD
TC 342T
TS 112
TS 114
TS 138
TS 138L
TS 138M
TS 142
TS 142L
TS 142T
TS 142TX
R 316TX
R 316TXs AWD
R 318
TS 238
R 318X
TS 242
R 320 AWD
RC 318T
TS 243
RC 320Ts AWD
TS 243T
TS 342
TS 343
TS 346
TS 38
TS 138L
RC 318T
RC 320Ts AWD
R 318X
Art no:
Moss rake
Emousseur Rider
Art no: 586 63 66‑01
EN 388
Approved according to

Thin Leather gloves

Comfortable protective gloves designed for all-year professional gardening and forestry work in tough conditions. The palm of this working glove is made of durable, naturally water-resistant goat crust leather. Shock-absorbing padding protects your inner hand, while the elastic cuff keeps out dirt. The reflective logo helps to improve visibility. The index finger has a touch screen-friendly knuckle so you can use your smartphone with your gloves on. Fulfils EN 388:2016. Size 6,7,8,9,10,12.

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Size 6

Art no: 599 64 94‑06

Product Data
Size 6
Art no: 599 64 94‑06
Size 8
Art no: 599 64 94‑08
Size 9
Art no: 599 64 94‑09
Size 12
Art no: 599 64 94‑12
Approved according toEN 388EN 388EN 388EN 388
Saw protectionNoNoNoNo
Hook & LoopNoNoNoNo
Material back96% Polyester, 4% Spandex, Cuff: 100% Acrylic96% Polyester, 4% Spandex, Cuff: 100% Acrylic96% Polyester, 4% Spandex, Cuff: 100% Acrylic96% Polyester, 4% Spandex, Cuff: 100% Acrylic
Material palm100% Goat Leather100% Goat Leather100% Goat Leather100% Goat Leather
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